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About Us

Corporate Vision

Commitment to continuously drive mobile computing usage options and scenarios to support the ever changing needs of business. Drive productivity, deliver value, manage cost, mitigate risk.

Corporate Profile

Mobile computing is no longer just an option but the core of how business is being conducted. It is essential for business managers and IT professionals to consider the potential as well as the risks of this paradigm shift.

Very few people in business are exclusively tied to their desk. Even those that are, take their computers with them; whether it is to meetings, their homes, on vacation, or anywhere else. And, when you consider the power of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, it is not difficult to realize that a fixed desktop is no longer the norm.

CTS is focused on mobility and always has been. From our inception our company has been built around mobility. In 2004 when CTS was founded with a focus on tablet computing, very few folks even knew what a “tablet” was and smart phones were still in their infancy. And while tablets and smart phones have become the new norm, our view has expanded and our services have expanded in kind.