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Custom Kitting

CTS Develops Custom Kitting Containing All of the Hardware and Software Pieces Defined by Your Mobile Strategy

Most deployments have many moving parts. In addition to the underlying device, there are often cases, batteries, device management software, WWAN activation, and delivery schedules. CTS has mastered the art of taking these disparate pieces and integrating them into a single package. CTS develops custom kitting containing all of the hardware and software pieces so they all arrive at  the same time, ready for use. As part of this process, CTS can image all your devices and enroll them in the MDM or EMM of your choice.

EMM Enrollment

CTS has relationships and experience with many of the premier MDM and EMM providers. CTS can help you select the endpoint management tool that best fits your needs. Once you’ve chosen your EMM, CTS can enroll all of your devices before they are delivered to the end-user, secure and ready-to-use.

Application Imaging

CTS can help you develop your "gold image" and install it on your devices. In addition, CTS can store a “gold” copy of your device image and use that on subsequent device deployments - or in case of an emergency, device replacement.

Kit Systems and Accessories

Many times, in addition to the device itself, your users will need cases, external keyboards, mice, and other peripherals. Rather than confront the user with multiple boxes (and the risk that one of the boxes might not make it on time) CTS will fabricate a custom box that contains everything the end-user needs to be up and operational in as short a time as possible.

Deliver and Deploy

CTS’s ability to enroll, image and kit allows for cost effective delivery to all end-users and, if needed, have a technician meet the box and help the user get started.

Here's how we can help:

  • Fully-customized, ready-to-use kits
  • Image development and installation
  • Enrollment in endpoint management
  • Cost-effective delivery and out-of-box support

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