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Lifecycle Services

CTS Provides Lifecycle Services to Ensure that Your Mobile Hardware / Software Environment is Performing at its Best

The project isn’t finished when the last package is delivered. CTS takes pride in providing support of the deployment. We know that over the life of the deployment, software will evolve, hardware requirements may change, and planning for the next deployment begins. CTS provides lifecycle services and support to ensure that your hardware/software environment is performing at its best. As the time nears to move to the next level of hardware and software, CTS will assist you in the recycling or resale of your existing hardware and lay the foundation for the next business cycle.

Device Reclamation 

As your current deployment reaches end of life, it’s time to consider the disposal or reclamation of your existing hardware. Should you decide to remarket your device, CTS has a network of hardware resellers and will help you get top dollar for your equipment.

Secure Wipe and Disposition 

CTS has the skill and expertise to ensure that your devices are securely wiped and that no corporate data is exposed. Should you choose to dispose of the device, CTS will ensure that disposal occurs in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

Upgrade Transition Services

As you transition to newer generation devices, CTS can provide user training on the new device and help develop a replacement schedule that meets the demands of your business while reducing any impact on business operations.

Here's how we can help:

  • New device training
  • Recycle &/or resale support of hardware
  • Local, state, and federal regulated disposition

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