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CTS Offers Procurement, Financing, and Warehousing for Your Mobility Products

Once you’ve determined the hardware configuration that meets your business objectives, it’s time to actually get the hardware. The technology has evolved to such a point that manufacturer recertified equipment can often do the job at half the cost of new. CTS maintains relationships with all of the major OEMs and will often have access to product that others do not have. CTS can offer financing, procurement, and warehousing for your product during the imaging and deployment phase of your project.

Define Purchase Requirements

The breadth of technology available today makes it even more important to make sure your equipment choice fits your particular use case. Questions like: Indoor or outdoor use? Extremes in weather or operating environment? Waterproof? Sustain vibration and drops? The answer to these questions help narrow your device choice to those that meet ALL of your operating needs. CTS has expertise with these operating parameters and can help you quickly narrow down the list of potential devices.

Plan Lead Times

Using “Just in Time” (JIT) strategies to acquire your project’s pieces can help minimize up-front expenditures and ensure that you pay only for that equipment that is needed for that part of the project timeline. CTS can take your overall project requirements and advise you on the most expedient and cost-effective way to acquire them.

Production Schedules

Along with JIT acquisition, the creation of well-defined Production Schedules will ensure that you have the resources available to complete every phase of your project. CTS can advise on the production resources needed and provide temporary resources to help minimize your out-of-pocket costs.

Here's how we can help:

  • Find bleeding-edge new and difficult-to-source products
  • Find strategic price points to accommodate all budgets
  • Warehouse your product during imaging and deployment phases
  • Minimize up-front and out-of-pocket costs, while offering expedited service

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