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Visibility That's Visionary

With mobile computers, printers and scanners, Zebra provides smart, visionary solutions that let you see the big picture. For unprecedented visibility into your enterprise, it's Zebra.

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ET50 / ET55 Tablet Computers

The best of consumer-styling with all the enterprise-class features.

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TC70 / TC75 Touch Computer Series

Cutting edge fast data access.

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ZQ500 Mobile Printers Series

Rugged printers for rugged environments.

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The Customer-Centric Path to Omnichannel Success

Zebra provides retail solutions in the era of the empowered customer, where visibility, accuracy, and engagement are essential in providing a personalized customer experience. Zebra's leading mobile computers, barcode, RFID, wireless and printing technologies help deliver efficient in-store operations, execute seamless delivery and fulfillment, and empower retailers to provide a more tailored customer experience.


Transform the Guest Experience

In the hospitality industry for hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues, details count. Rooms must be spotless. Dinner checks need to be delivered quickly and accurately. And nobody enjoys waiting in line. Any touch point that improves guest interaction with staff and meets guest expectations depends as much on real-time communications as a well-maintained room or comfortable bed. Provide your customers with the wireless connectivity their guests expect and equip their staff with the mobile voice and data solutions they need to provide superior service.
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Transportation & Logistics

Delivering Efficiency

Zebra provides solutions that ensure the safe and efficient transportation of people, parcels and cargo, by air, sea, ground and rail. Zebra offers wireless infrastructure, data collection, mobile computing, mobile printing and RFID technologies to support public and private transportation systems, rail operators, airports and airlines worldwide. Logistics companies, freight, parcel and postal organizations also rely on Zebra technology to print and sort labels and track deliveries, 365x24x7. In addition to the solutions offered outside the four walls, warehouse management solutions underpin the transportation & logistics function, with technologies that maximize efficiencies and streamline operations.
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The Right Technology is Helping Manufacturers Succeed

Zebra helps your manufacturing customers create new efficiencies in their organization – by driving "people" and material costs down while increasing asset utilization for greater profitability. Zebra solutions focus on driving lean initiatives throughout the manufacturing supply chain – within the warehouse, the plant floor, and then delivery outside of the four walls.

On the plant floor, operators, technicians and machines are connected with real-time intelligence, cutting waste and enhancing quality. In warehouses, data is captured from more sources; verifying, organizing and mobilizing it, with mobile computers, printers and software. And in the field, your customers' sales, delivery and service teams use next-generation mobile devices and applications, so they can quickly serve their customer demands. Zebra works in all of these environments to build efficiency and visibility by connecting people, equipment and materials.
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Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Patient Care

Zebra provides the kind of visibility that lets you see into every aspect of your health facility – and the patient journey. Only with Zebra visionary, end-to-end Patient ID, Clinical Mobility and Healthcare Intelligence solutions can you best enhance patient safety, the productivity of your staff members, and the efficiency of your operations.
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Zebra Solutions Deliver Efficiency in Warehousing Operations

Leading Supply Chain organizations demand efficiency for optimal utilization of their warehouse resources to ensure the fastest turnaround possible when handling products received, stored and shipped. Zebra offers a wide variety of customized solutions to meet your customers' specific needs for warehousing tasks. These solutions include industrial printers, desktop and laptop computers, supplies, handheld computers, data loggers, voice directed solutions, wireless network and RFID infrastructure as well as managed services that can help your customers achieve maximum efficiency in warehousing operations.

Benefits of Zebra solutions include:

  • Reduced inventory carrying cost
  • Visibility to inventory after it enters the warehouse
  • Improved labor productivity
  • Increase moves per fork lift
  • Improved & real-time inventory and shipment visibility
  • Elimination of manual processes
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are accomplished and surpassed