Mobile Technologies - Keeping your organization connected and secure


Keep your organization connected, secured, and dynamic.

The retrieval of resources and data in a company are imperative - regardless of location. Staying technologically relevant is part of today's successful business model and the company's that do succeed, have a reputable source to keep them informed and provide the very best in hardware and software solutions.

Mobile Devices

CTS carries a broad spectrum of mobile devices, making it certain you will find at least one device that makes your business more productive. Some environments require a rugged or semi-rugged solution. If you work in the harsh glare of bright sunlight, around heavy equipment, or under dusty conditions, CTS's kitting options will keep you operating.

Security & Endpoint Management

Securing and managing your mobile environment has never been more important. The cost of a data breach continues to rise, averaging $211 per compromised record this year. Keep your mobility solutions safe from threats by monitoring your endpoint devices.

Network & Storage

Getting your company connected and providing you effective storage solutions - all while never compromising your security.