Mobile Devices

Find the right mobile devices for your business.

The most personal decision in a mobile deployment is your choice of a device. Done correctly, mobility can transform the way you do business.

Full Breadth of Mobility

CTS carries a broad selection of mobile devices, making it certain you will find at least one that makes your business more productive. How are you using your device? To share information with colleagues and customers in an office environment? Are you collecting data in the great outdoors? Your use case will determine which device will work best for you. From enterprise to rugged, CTS has what you need in a mobile device.


Wearables are gaining popularity in business because of their portability and overall convenience.


Smartphones continue to be a necessity and each generation makes them more valuable to business.


Sleek, lightweight tablets are ideal for sharing information with customers. They can even be secured and configured to offer some self-service capabilities to your customers.

Rugged tablets stand up to bright sunlight, vibrations from heavy equipment and dusty conditions yet are lightweight with comfortable for factors.


Advanced notebook technology keeps notebooks light, powerful, and more portable than ever. Whether your company utilizes these devices as corporate-provided euipment or supports a BYOD environment, CTS offers the widest selection that will fit your needs.

There's more to it than the device itself. You'll want to consider:

Operating Systems (OS)

Which OS integrates best with your existing infrastructure and legacy software? In these days of BYOD, most environments are mixed. CTS helps you secure and manage multiple Operating Systems.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Which EMM best manages and secures your devices, data and applications? Are there any special considerations for the ways you will use your mobile devices, such as collecting customer personal information?


How will you connect your mobile device to the network? Do you need WiFi or WLAN, carrier service for when you are in the field, or mobile WiFi for vehicles that need constant connectivity?

Peripherals & Accessories

Which peripherals and accessories do you need? A case to protect it, a vehicle mount, a mag stripe reader to perform financial transactions, a kiosk to display your menu?


How are you going to deploy your mobile devices into the field? CTS images your devices with your software, kits your devices and accessories and delivers them to multiple locations.

Find the right device for your business now.

CTS partners with the top manufacturers to provide your company the best mobile device selection.

Fulfill your mobile infrastructure with these managed services.

The transition to mobility can be a challenging opportunity to enhance and grow your operations. CTS has developed a detailed approach to mobility that drives productivity, mitigates risks, and keeps your costs under control not only for your IT department, but your business as a whole. We offer you the very best in mobile infrastructure hardware, software, and security.